Applied Kinesiology

Our office uses applied kinesiology techniques as a part of your overall wellness therapy. Our team will test your body's responses to stimuli to determine the corresponding weakness and strength of your muscle groups. This aids us in identifying which supplements will be beneficial to you.

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We are dedicated to the highest quality care at Fischer Chiropractic, P.A. The techniques we employ, such as applied kinesiology, are used to find the treatments and therapies best suited for you.

What is applied kinesiology?

The Dr. tests a muscle to determine strength or weakness. The muscle weakness indicates a possible dysfunction of the related organ, acupuncture meridian, lymphatic system, vascular system, or nutritional imbalance. We can then use these relationships to help aid in your treatment plan.

Chiropractic services

We offer a wide range of nutritional support products here, and we're happy to discuss the benefits with you. We're here to listen to your challenges and find the products and services to put you on the road to wellness. We do accept insurance at our office. Contact us for a prompt, friendly team waiting to help.

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